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Super Smart Enrichment, Inc. is pleased to offer arts, educational, technology, and physical enrichment clubs to PreK-5th children. We encourage students to utilize their imagination and develop their abilities in a safe, caring and supportive setting. Super Smart specializes in working with kids who want to experiment at the intersection of art and technology, often referred to as "creative technology". Creative technology seeks to impart to children that combining art and technology opens up new forms of expression, means of investigating, and ways of seeing the world. 

We encourage the important values of intellectual exploration and physical activity while seeking to regularly convey to our participants a sense of appreciation and responsibility for their actions and responses. 

Super Smart partners with local organizations, schools, and parents to offer specialized enrichments led by experienced artists, technologists, and instructors who have experience and a desire to work with children. Our after school enrichment clubs are offered from 2:40pm to 6:00pm and include time for a snack, help with homework, and rich instruction in the specific subject areas.

 Super Smart also commits to reinvest in the schools we operate in.


Finally, an afterschool program that actually enriches my son's life. They know what I need in an afterschool program.



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